5-30-2018 09:44 BJTLiu Shuqin has rais▓ed 10 foster children in past 15 y

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ooks pretty," she mumbled.Xiny

till did not▓ know how to pronounce it. Liu was anxious.On a fall morning in 2016, Xinyin

g suddenly opened her mouth and called out "mom" twice. "I was too excited▓ to say anything, and urged her to call me s


ing and Yiding, both m

everal more times," Liu said.The orphanage calculates a birthd▓ay for every child based on a he


entally disabl▓ed,

alth assessment▓ when they were received. Yiding's birthday is on May 12.May 13 marked the last


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Mother's Day Yiding spent w▓ith Liu. According to regulations, foster children have to be tran


oster children Liu 

sferred to a social welfare institute when they turn 18. Yiding needs to leave the home where s

Yinchuan, capital of the Ningx

  • he has spent the past 15 years.Liu knows that Yid▓ing must go and learn to be independent, but she said she hates saying goodbye to her daughter."I taught her some basic embroidery skills and hopefully she can find a job," Liu said. But she knows that Yiding's future is full of uncertainty▓.Liu has spent

    ia Hui autonomous region.They were abandoned by ▓their birt
  • 15 years raising orphans by herself. "Including my own, I'm proud to say that I have 12 chi▓ldren," she said.In Huifeng village, in Yinchuan's Yo▓ngning county, 100 disabled orphans are now living with 57▓ foster families. Over the past 17 years, 328 children have lived in 102 households.Yang Jinkai, 27, wa

    hparents when they were born. After s▓pending time in an
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  • orphanage, they were s▓ent
  • to Liu's home as part of China's eff
  • o▓rts to explore new ways of
  • helping disabled orphans."Th▓ey
are slower
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  • than other kids. The little
  • one still can't use chopsticks aft
  • er four years of learning,"
  • Liu said. "But I see them as my
own kids."Li
  • u alre▓ady had two children
  • before she became a foster mother.
  • H▓er own children were alread
  • y teenagers when she took in h
er first fos
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  • ter child, Yiding, at the ag
  • e of▓ 3 in 2003."I never forget the
  • day I saw her," she sa▓id. "
  • She was wearing a cute little ha
t and was

so adorable."Liu

s lucky to spend his childhood in a foster home. He now has a job

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  • and is comfortable interacting with society."In addition to

  • material satisfaction, I found psycholo▓gical

  • comfort from my foster parents and sibling▓s," Yang said. "Without

  • them, I would ha▓ve become a kid without parents."Du Yong, head▓ of


bed due to a waist injury. One day, when only she and ▓Yiding were home, the then-14-year-old girl volu▓nteered t
o bring her a glas s of water . It seem▓s nat ural for an or dinary child of that age, bu t Liu kn ew only too well how valua ble it was f or a child l ike Yidin▓g. She was moved to tears."I felt all those years of caring wer e not in vain," sh e said. "Althoug h Yiding is not good at expressing her▓ thoug hts, she knew 张家口市5G 图们市5G 邳州市5G 四子王旗wap 揭阳市5G 香格里拉县5G 临江市5G 连南瑶族自治县5G 扶沟县5G 潮安县5G 海口市5G 六枝特区5G 长宁区5G 思茅市5G 凤凰县wap 兴隆县5G 合川市5G 鹤峰县wap 福州市wap 宿州市wap 今日新开传奇私服网通 传奇私服手游哪个好玩 传奇私服单机架设 传奇私服辅助加速器 热血传奇私服加速器 刀塔传奇私服下载地址 手游传奇私服吧 传奇私服架设教程2018 新开热血传奇私服发布 自己架设单机传奇私服